Why is it worth investing in Łomża?


Why is it worth to invest in Łomża?

  • Excellent location at a distance of 140 km from Warsaw as well as the north - eastern borders of Poland and eastern the European Union borders next to the European Route E 67 - VIA BALTICA
  • The highest intensity of public aid up to 70% in the country
  • The Łomża Investment Zone – includes the Łomża Sub-Zone of Suwałki Special Economic Zone and private properties covered by the support decision under Polish Investment Zone Act enable an income tax exemption for 15 years up to 70% of investment outlays.
  • Exemption from real estate tax up to 6 years for new investors.
  • The Łomża Industrial Park with Business Incubator create friendly environment to set up new enterprises.
  • 220 ha investment areas fully equipped, located at the main urban roads in the vicinity of national roads No. 61 and 63, next to the transport route VIA BALTICA
  • highly qualified employees well-educated in existing schools and universities, the lowest labour costs.
  • friendly climate for entrepreneurs - networking during business breakfasts, rewarding local entrepreneurs in the economic competition Łomża Angels of Business.
  • Administrative support at business activity and at every stage of the investment process provided by the Entrepreneur Assistance Center in the City Hall of Łomża