Human resources

Research and science facilities, have strong influence on Łomża’s economic growth through their cooperation with innovation-driven enterprises.

There are two schools of higher education  in Łomża: Łomża State University of Applied Sciences and Higher School of Agribusiness in Łomża. These institutions impact the competitiveness and innovation development in the region through their knowledge, experience and research capabilities.

The Food and Gastronomy Institute operating within the framework of the Łomża State University of Applied Sciences is equipped with excellent scientific and research facilities which  are used for development of innovative technologies in the food processing sector, especially organic or functional food.

The following courses are available in these schools: computer science, automatics and robotics, nutrition and food technology, construction and agriculture.

Łomża’s inhabitants are distinguished by a significantly higher level of education compared to residents of neighboring cities and region.

Statistically, for every 1000 of Łomża’s inhabitants, 230 are working. This is much better score than the rest of the Podlasie voivodship.

The share of people in the working-age is 63.2%, which is the highest percentage in comparison to the neighbouring cities, voivodship or country.

Unemployment rate in Łomża according to data for April 2019 is 8.2%. The relatively high unemployment rate makes it easier to find employees in Łomża, compared to other regions in Poland.