Investor support


National incentives


Co-financing in the form of grants, non-repayable grants and repayable instruments (loans) from national operational programs.

                                                                              Regional incentives


The maximum intensity of public aid in Łomża is the highest in the country and amounts to 70% for small entrepreneurs.
For medium-sized enterprises 60% and large enterprises 50% respectively.

 Regional Aid Map.

Co-financing in the form of non-returnable grants and repayable instruments (loans) from national operational programs  in this Eastern Poland Program and at the level of the Regional Operational Program of the Podlasie Voivodship Information service about current calls for Wrota Podlasia The regional aid intensity is the      highest in the country and amounts to 70%.



        Local incentives

Enterprise Development Program - Business Package

I. RESOLUTION NO. 332 / XXXVIII / 17 of 22 March 2017.

on: regarding the exemption from property tax of buildings and structures or parts
thereof used for the purposes of business operations conducted in the city of Łomża under the de minimis aid program
Property tax exemption for 3 years.  Basic assumptions

in the matter of: exemption from property tax as part of regional investment assistance in the city of Łomża.
Exemption from property tax up to 6 years.

Co-financing for entities operating within the Academic Entrepreneurship Incubator and projects dedicated to start-ups

in the Łomża Industrial Park.



Support offered by the Poviat Labor Office in Łomża:

 Support offered by the Regional Development Agency

including loan and credit guarantee fund Support offered by the Podlasie Regional Development Foundation in the form of loans



Entrepreneur Service Center within the structure of the Municipal Office in Łomża, responsible for:


  • providing comprehensive information on investment opportunities in the city and help in finding appropriate locations,
  • assigning an "investment pilot" supporting the investor in all necessary administrative and legal procedures occurring during and after the implementation of the investment project,

  • offering quick access to comprehensive information regarding the economic and legal environment of the investment,
  • informing about the benefits available to investors as part of national, regional and local incentives

Contact: Entrepreneur Service Center, Stary Rynek 14, 18-400 Łomża

           room 124, tel. 86 2156852, mail:,

Industrial Park Łomża responsible, among others behind:

  • business consultancy and consultancy

  • virtual office or office services for hours arranging contact with "business angels"