Conditions for conducting business in the Zone

  • The minimum amount of investment outlays – 100,000 EURO or other resulting from the Concept for the development of special economic zones Concept

  • Share of entrepreneur’s own funds – min. 25% of the total eligible investment costs.

  • Maintenance of ownership of assets with which investment expenditure was related for a period of 3-5 years (depending on the size of the entrepreneur).

  • Maintaining investments in the region for 3-5 years from the end of the entire investment (depending on the size of the entrepreneur).

  • Keeping new jobs for 3-5 years (depending on the size of the entrepreneur).

  • Public aid received from several sources can be combined.

  • Submission of quarterly reports to the company managing the zone (SSSE S.A. with headquarters in Suwałki) containing information on the current employment status and the amount of investment outlays.