Permission to operate in the Zone

The basis for using public aid is the permit to conduct business activity in the SSEZ. Permits are issued by the zone management company - SSSE S.A. with its registered office in Suwałki by joint tender or negotiations.

The permit to conduct business activity in the SSEZ determines, among others:

  • subject of entrepreneur's business according to the applicable PKWiU,

  • the amount of expenses related to the implementation of the new investment and the deadlines for their incurrence,

  • the size of employment planned in the Zone in connection with the implementation of the new investment, deadlines for achieving a specific level of employment and periods of its maintenance,

  • planned investment completion date,

  • the maximum amount of eligible investment costs and two-year eligible labor costs.

Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 10 December 2008. on public aid granted to entrepreneurs operating on the basis of a permit to conduct business activity in the areas of special economic zones, specifies for which no permit is issued.

The procedure for issuing a permit in the SSSE:

  • Entrepreneur's letter of intent

  • Public invitation in the daily national press

  • Purchase of specifications

  • Make an offer

  • Offer evaluation

  • Negotiations / Negotiations

  • Issue of permit