About us

Łomża is a city with 63 thousand inhabitants, situated in the north - eastern region of Poland, within the administrative borders of the Podlaskie Voivodeship in an area known as the Green Lungs of Poland. The city has county rights and is one of three major economic, cultural and academic hubs of the region.

Łomża is located next to the transport route of international significance, on the crossing of two national roads No. 61 and 63, next to the European Route E 67 - VIA BALTICA, at the distance from both, the capital of the country as well as the northern and eastern borders of Poland and the eastern border of the European Union is about 140 km.

Łomża’s location within the so-called Green Lungs of Poland promotes the development of environmentally conscious industries. The leading branches are food processing and agricultural industries.

Many leading food processing companies have their headquarters in Łomża and nearby.

The city offers excellent conditions for development of companies within construction, furniture or energetic sectors, based on available natural resources. IT enterprises are growing due to a high intellectual potential of the city’s citizens.

Łomża is a subregional economic, educational and cultural center. Local entrepreneurs are leaders in innovation and export within the region. Łomża is distinguished by extensive entrepreneurial activity, especially in the medium-sized enterprise sector. SMEs account for approximately 99.95% of all enterprises in the structure of Łomża’s economy.

Research and science facilities, have strong influence on Łomża’s economic growth through their cooperation with innovation-driven enterprises. There are two schools of higher education  in Łomża: Łomża State University of Applied Sciences and Higher School of Agribusiness in Łomża. These institutions impact the competitiveness and innovation development in the region through their knowledge, experience and research capabilities. The following courses are available in these schools: computer science, automatics and robotics, nutrition and food technology, construction and agriculture. Labor costs are among the lowest in comparison to the surrounding cities as well as the voivodship or country.

Łomża supports all initiatives and real actions related to the economic development of the city, in particular the implementation of new investments.

The Entrepreneur Assistance Center in the City Hall of Łomża is the first contact point for local entrepreneurs and potential investors. We provide comprehensive information on available investment areas, income tax or real estate tax exemptions, business financing options and administrative support at every stage of the investment process. We create a friendly atmosphere for investors and local entrepreneurs. This is a platform for dialogue between the administration and business during Thursday business breakfasts, where issues regarding entrepreneurs and their expectations towards local government are discussed. For the last two years, in cooperation with the Łomża District, we have been appreciating local entrepreneurs in the economic competition "Łomża Angels of Business". We are updating and implementing the Entrepreneurship Development Program "Entrepreneurial Łomża - open to business". We organize conferences and workshops, dozens of business meetings, also with representatives of foreign business. We arrange individual meetings according to the needs of entrepreneurs. We promote entrepreneurial mindsets among young people during the cycle of meetings “Business Academy”.